Packing Tips

Peter Rabbit Removals wants your move to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’ve prepared a few packing tips that can help make your next move as efficient, quick and pain-free.

Packing tips when packing your own belongings

If you are planning on packing your own items the following packing tips will help:

  • Consider the weight of boxes when packed, the strength of the cartons you use, and the sealing tape used. This could be the difference between a smooth move and a disaster! Here are some tips:
  • Use strong boxes and quality tape.
  • Mix books and heavy items with linen and clothing to distribute weight and add extra padding to breakables.
  • Pack heavy items, such as books and crockery in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.
  • Do not overload boxes, make sure they can close flat and do not bulge.
    Wrap fragile items individually and use lots of paper. Ensure a snug fit so things don’t move about in the box.
  • Use clean paper to wrap breakables, newspaper can leave marks on your posessions.
  • Label each box with the contents so that they can be immediately taken to the appropriate room when they reach their destination.
  • Write on the tape, not the box, so the box can be re-used, especially when using the box buy-back scheme.
  • Keep an inventory list of all the boxes for insurance purposes in case any go missing.
  • The original packaging that came with your electrical equipment and valuables is generally the safest to use. If you still have these boxes and wrapping – use them. Any electrical goods fused as a result of moving are generally not covered by insurance companies.
  • If you choose to do your own packing to save money, make sure you pack your items well because often a request for insurance will be refused by insurance companies. For the best (and insured) results, use a professional packer who knows how to look after your belongings correctly.

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