Pool Table Removals

Peter Rabbit Removals can move your pool table – either as a one-off pool table removals job or as part of a complete house move.

Pool table removals can be a challenging job due to the weights involved. High quality pool or billiard tables use slate and this weighs a lot. The slate is also very fragile and will break if dropped. This is why you should leave pool table removals to a team that is experienced and equipped to handle this sort of work.

Pool tables up to 8ft 6′ can usually be moved in one piece. Larger pool or billiard tables we need to disassemble and move in sections. Pool tables 9ft and 12 ft are made up of 3-4 slates that need disassembly.

When transporting your pool table we use 4 stabiliser bars to hold your pool table or individual slates firmly in position in the truck during the move.

Preparing for pool table removals

  • Before we arrive to move your pool table please remove all rail pockets. This is a not a hard job and we can do this on the day but these tasks add time and cost to your move. Keep all the pool table parts safely in a bag or box ready for reassembly at the other end.
  • Lights and scoreboards also need to be disconnected and disassembled
  • Remove any items from the walls that may obstruct access prior to the move
  • Clear access needed for successful pool table removals.

Fully licensed and insured Pool Table Removals Brisbane

Peter Rabbit Removals are fully licensed and insured and have more than 21 years’ experience in the removals industry.

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