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Household items don’t come much more bulky or difficult to move than portable spas. Spa removals really is a job where you need to know exactly what you are doing. And that’s where Peter Rabbit Removals (Best Spa Removalist Brisbane Since 1995) comes in. We’ve moved many spas and hot tubs over the years and know exactly how to get your spa from A to B.

We can move your spa as part of a complete household move or as a one-off spa removal job. Either way you can be sure that Peter Rabbit Removals has the experience and equipment needed to move your spa safely and with minimum stress.

We use specialised trolleys with ample clearance, padding and chunky tyres designed to get your spa across all types of uneven ground and obstacles. We use ratchet straps and high density padding to secure the spa to the trolley so there’s no risk of it coming off or being damaged.

Once the spa is safely in the trailer it is rathcet strapped in place ready for a safe journey to its new home. We use an open trailer to move spas rather than a closed truck due to the increased room that a trailer allows for large spas.

Spa removals checklist

  • Access – where is the spa being moved from and where it’s intended destination? What obstacles are there? The position and type of fences and gates can have an impact on how easily spa removals go. Single gates that are close to a house can leave very little space to maneuver a spa under the house eaves. If necessary fences and gates may need to be removed. We can help with this but bear in mind this adds to the time and cost of your spa removals job. If in doubt get us to check clearances ahead of time.
  • Of course the spa needs to be drained of water and then it should be tilted if possible to remove any remaining water. Depending on the spa’s location you may need to use a container to catch any remaining water that drains out. Water weighs a lot so even 20 litres of water remaining in the system adds 20 kilograms to the move.
  • Remove all loose parts (e.g. covers and hoses) prior to the move and store these safely ready for reassembly – covers, hoses etc
    If needed arrange early for a plumber or electrician to disconnect water or power

Fully licensed and insured Spa Removals Brisbane

Peter Rabbit Removals are fully licensed and insured and have more than 21 years’ experience in the removals industry.

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